Yoga Berries Yoga Pants

Her YogaBerries pants are bright like berries

YogaBerries founder and creative director, Valerie Pike gets it right - the fit, the fabric, the feel!

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Our pants will be your go to style that you will reach for over and over again no matter what else is in your closet. YogaBerries will be your leggings of choice and the Heros of your wardrobe!

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New! Desert Chakra Yoga Pant line

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Athletic wear for yoga, gymnastics, dance, ballet and skateboarding. For everyday leisure wear comfortable and soft with a no roll elastic waist.

Desert Chakra Yoga Pant line

These are not your friend's yoga pants

Yoga Berries Yoga Pants are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Ms. Pike started making yoga pants for her daughter 2 years ago. Her daughter didn’t want to wear tight uncomfortable blue jeans any more. Her yoga pants are very soft and breathable fabric in vibrant colors. The Yogaberries are supporting a healthy lifestyle for the future of kids with their comfortable yoga pants. You are more like to want to strike a pose when wearing the electrifying colors in her 4 way stretch.

Strike a pose!

Yoga Pants 4 way stretch with moisture wicking great athletic wear for gymnastics, hip hop, dance, skateboarding, everyday wear even casual or leisure wear. Color Yoga with the Traveling YogaBerries Color Therapy with their soft, comfortable pants that can be worn to school.

Flexible and fun

Do you wanna do cat or butterfly pose?

With more schools integrating Yoga in their school, children need to be wearing comfortable Yoga pants instead of uncomfortable jeans. I want to support a healthy lifestyle for the future of kids with their soft yoga pants that can be worn for everyday wear.

Yoga Berries Yoga Pants are sold at the following locations...

Aerial Studio
4476 Dupont Court
Suite B
Ventura, California

4756 Telephone Road
Suite 3
Ventura, California

Jedlicka's Saddlery, Inc.
2883 Grand Avenue
Los Olivos, California

Malibu Family Wines
2363 Alamo Pinta
Los Olivos, California

Stretch, Balance & be Peaceful

You will look fantastic while you feel energetic in the electrifying colors